5 Best Methods of Water Conservation

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We’ve already given our tips to save water. In this post, we are going to explore 5 ways of water conservation that will not just save water, but also save your bills.

Water Conservation A Reality

Water is depleting from our planet at an alarming rate. Estimates even quote that by 2025, some 1.8 billion people will be deprived of it and that’s nearly one-third of the current population.

The results of this shortage will be equally drastic as more land will turn into a desert (take California as an example), and once cultivable land (like that of Sindh, Pakistan) is turning into a barren sheet of nothingness.

Blame the climate change for all of this or blame the governments not taking any serious actions against it, we still have to do something if we want to survive.

It all starts with us, and besides conserving water, you can save big on your bills. That’s a bonus.

Ways to Conserve Water and Save Money

water conservation

1. Keep a check on your toilet tank

Your toilet tank drinks up to a gallon or over of water per flush. All of this water goes down the drain and in the process, precious water is lost that could have been saved.

The fact is that you don’t need over a gallon water to flush the contents of the bowl. So, why waste it?

You can save the surplus water by putting a filled plastic bottle in the tank and see a reduction in your bill by a mere $1.4 per year.

2. Zero in on the shower head next

Low-flow shower heads are in fashion these days. There are many exquisite models you can buy. Besides looking awesome, it can save up to 5 to 6 gallons of water per minute (your current shower uses some 8 gallons per minute).

Don’t worry about not receiving enough water for the shower as low-flow showers perform perfectly.

Savings: $81 per year

3. Wash your clothes in one go

Running full loads may not be your cup of tea. But knowing that on average 60 gallons of water is used in running a single load, you could save some 1500 gallons of water per year on running full loads.

That would actually mean a $2 savings.

4. Take notice of the running tap

Whenever we shave, wash our hands or face, or brush our teeth, we mostly keep the tap running. That’s not doing a lot to conserve water. So, instead of that, either install an automatic tap to wash hands or brush teeth or shave in the basin. These practices can help you save as much as $6 per year and save more than 4000 gallons of water.

5. Don’t spend too much time on showering

If you think a low-flow shower is not for you, you should instead keep your bathing or sshoweringtime in check. You can use a timer to keep you updated on the time you spend.

In doing so, keep in mind not to shower more than two minutes. Eventually, it will save some 120 gallons of water (if we consider the same 8 gallons of water per minute) and more than $9 per year on bills.

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